Just recently in Michigan the water was found to contain lead. This information struck hard with people not just in Michigan but all over the country. They began to question their water quality and wanted to know if they were safe. The effects of lead poisoning are extremely harmful. Children are specifically susceptible to the effects of lead. It can cause permanent brain damage, attach the central nervous system, lead to a coma, convulsions, and death. In adults it can increase the risk of kidney damage, elevate blood pressure which could ultimately lead to heart attack or death. No wonder why people are wondering what’s in their water.


Naturally there are usually always minute amount of asbestos, mercury, arsenic, and cyanide in the water. Gross right? The levels are so though they are almost undetectable and are not harmful. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality stated that the water was ok for consumption.


Water is tested by the water utilities companies. During the treatment process the water goes through various sampling to make sure that the water is safe to drink. The laboratories in North Texas ensure that the water is safe. The North Texas Municipal Water District has standards when it comes to water processing.  


They are testing water samples from everywhere. Any water that could run into a water reservoir. The reservoir is where the water is collected and taken through to the processing center. Even after the processing stage they take extra precaution to make sure the water is safe. The lab does careful testing to ensure that there are no heavy metals in the water. Metals like copper and lead.


So the water in Texas is safe and carefully tested. The older homes that have never had any replumping may contain some traces of lead. This is due to the water causing corrosion to the pipes. The pipes will then start to leak traces of the poisonous metal.


Flint, Mi is an older city and the water they chose to use was very corrosive to the aging lead pipes. Over time the water broke down the pipes causing leakage of lead into the water systems. Thousands have been affected. Flint city officials have handed out cases of water bottles to every home affected. It’s a tragic reality. Hopefully the city will get this rectified somehow for their citizens. Surely there will numerous court cases against the city. People are scared about whether their families are safe at home. Flint went wrong when they switched their water source to the Flint River. There water processing plant was not enough for the acidity of the water. Which lead to the breakdown of the pipes.


Luckily Texas has been already taking precautions for years now. So nothing like what’s happening in Flint, Mi will happen here. Officials stand by their water systems and testing standards. Texas citizens can relax their minds and enjoy a lead free glass of water.


Could Texas Water Supply Contain Lead?

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