Texas like any other state has had its share of public humiliation when it comes to the prison system and unusual breakouts by criminals. In Texas, inmates are treated not much differently than any other state. The need for the rehabilitation of criminals seems to be the debated topic among the public. When a police officer in Irving, Texas was murdered brutally, his mother thought it improbable that law enforcement did not secure the culprits enough to prevent her son’s murder. Yes, the crime was committed by escapees from the prison that carried out a robbery on Christmas Eve. Apparently, Aubrey Hawkins’ mom and others believe that the prison system needed serious reform. She held press conferences to show her disgust on the alleged inefficiency that cost her son’s life. There are many other instances that show the incompetence and inexperience of staff in the prison system.

The Prison Unit at Connally

Connally prison unit stands at number 10 on the list of prisons in the state of Texas. There are more than 2,500 inmates. Many believe that the employees that should secure the prison are too lackadaisical and allow the inmates to abandon the procedures that should keep the prison safe. In fact, escapees from the prison drove through the back gate without any problems. It was an easy escape. The tower guard with guns and ammunitions handy is supposed to be the last obstacle between the outside world and the inmate, but in this case, the tower guard did not check the inmates ID. They claimed to be maintenance workers, but the tower guard believed them and let them through.

The Escape Plan

This escape was in its plan phase for many years as the escapees watched how the guards operated, failing to supervise the inmates in an adequate manner. They probably saw, too, that the supervisors on the job did not hold their staff accountable. One of the guards at that particular prison told the news media that the unit was more interested in getting national accreditation, so security was no longer the focus. There were several security breaches in that prison, but supervisors turned a blind eye. The inmates met in the maintenance area, which apparently had not been supervised at the time by a prison guard. One of the men was not listed as a maintenance crew member, but was able to walk from the main building undetected and went to the maintenance shed to meet the others.

Security Audits

In every prison, security audits are to be done on a regular basis by the unit supervisors, central command and regional supervisor. Vigilance is required in any prison and this includes Texas prisons. The breaches have the public wondering if the staff is committed to the security of the prison or just to getting a paycheck. In the same way that a prison system has to be managed and secured, title loans in Dallas allow for consumers to do the same. But, we are talking about the prison system and Texas inmate escapes and how it impacts the community.

The Bottom Line

Extra efforts need to be made in providing a secure environment even for the other inmates because once there is an escape, other inmates might think about doing the same thing. It may take one inmate escape incidence for prison officials to get the picture – that their jobs aren’t about being paid, but for the safety of the community as well. If an escape happens more than once, then there is room for speculation by the public at large. Lucky for the community, in the case of the Connally prison unit in Texas, the escapees were finally caught and sent back to prison.


Texas Inmate Escapes

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